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The knowledge of having the "Market Value" of a property in the begining of the transaction gives you and your client the advantage to save time by streamlining your transaction process, making it easier for you to do business.  

It is our mission to provide you with the most accurate values, to condense the life cycle of the real estate transaction, by giving you the "Value" of the property at the beginning of the listing instead of after the contract is signed.

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Lender Grade Desktop Appraisal / with Avm

Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Approved Desktop Appraisal is available to order by your Lender.

If the property is “eligible” for a desktop appraisal this will save time and you can close faster. Have your lender order one for you today and your lender gets the report in days, not weeks


Pre Listing Appraisal

Every listing needs a pre-listing appraisal, to get the benefits of knowing the value, and closing on the home faster.

If your home qualifies under Fannie/Freddie desktop appraisal, this pre-listing appraisal can be sent to the appraiser and you can close in days, not weeks like everywhere else. Fannie/Freddie are going to be requiring agents to get pre listing appraisals in the future to make closings faster.


Reverse Mortgage FHA Style Appraisals

Get your FHA/Reverse Mortgage Appraisal done here and get it transferred to your local Broker and save some money.


Jumbo Loan/High End Appraisals

Specializing in top tier of homes and mansions on Palm Beach Island and Jupiter Island and all waterfront properties. Every property is unique so order your specialized appraisal here


"Price Varies Based on The Custom Home"

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We can save you time on evaluating your investment or bank portfolio in one place.


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